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Our fares, whether your are looking for a shared-ride airport or station shuttle service or to meet your professional or individual transportation needs in the Bordeaux Area, are :
  • Simple to understand and known in advance
  • Economical : each one of our vans has an eight-passenger capacity and can therefore replace 2 individuals cabs

Shared-ride shuttle fares in Bordeaux and its suburbs

Generally more economical than a cab, with no surprise or extra cost while travelling in the Bordeaux area

  • Working with shared-ride shuttles enables a decrease in our production costs, from which we are pleased to make BUSS customers benefit
  • The more passengers book together on a single reservation, the less each of them pays:
    • Our prices are reasonable, simple to understand (no added cost for luggage or time spent in traffic) and known in advance
    • The price per individual decreases according to the number of passengers booked on an identical route with the same reservation.
  • Using BUSS services enables you to avoid any expensive parking cost

Private van fares for all transportation needs  throughout the Bordeaux Area and beyond

Please contact BUSS’ reservation department for a free quote

  • By phone at 00 (0) 9 73 10 05 71 
from 8.00 to 20.00 (French time) – 7 days a week
  • By Email at