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Buss is an efficient and convenient transportation option for any of your airport and station transfer or professional and family travel needs in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine Region

No more waste of your time or stress on your way from your home or office to the airport or the station, during your personal or professional trips in the Bordeaux Area

Make use of  your travelling time to do other things than driving 

When driving with BUSS you do not loose your time while concentrating on the road. You travel in our confortable coaches equipped with free WIFI and cellular phone battery chargers. You can use your travelling time to work, interact with travel companions, meet new people or simply relax.

No formality needed upon arrival  at your destination : everything has already been settled 

With BUSS you pre-pay your fare by credit card and get your invoice by Email, thus avoiding any time loss upon arrival at your destination.

BUSS drivers do the work for you :

Choosing BUSS means avoiding any stress related to driving, looking for the best route and for a suitable parking space.


9 am to 7 pm

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