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Press Release

A new transportation service set up in the Bordeaux Area by the Company Bordeaux Urban Shuttle Services – BUSS

Since January 2014 the transportation company BUSS offers shared-ride vans services to drive to the Bordeaux Airport and Train Station thus saving on fares, avoiding any driving stress and contributing to protect the Environment.

Bordeaux, March 2014

BUSS offers an economical and comfortable transportation alternative, a brand new service in Bordeaux to :

  • Share vans (6 to 8 passengers) 
  • on a territory including the city of Bordeaux and most of its suburbs
  • from and to the Bordeaux Airport and Station
  • with on line reservations (website, androids or Iphones)  and payment (by June 2014), phone or Email
Routes are designed according to the registered reservations.

Fares are reasonable, simple to understand (no added cost for luggage or time spent in traffic) and known in advance.

The more passengers book together on a single reservation, the less each of them pays.

Benefits for passengers are

  • Peace of mind :  prior reservation, pre-payment (credit card or paypal) and invoices  receipts sent by Email avoid any waiting when boarding or leaving vans
  • Convenience and comfort compared to public transportation
  • Working with shared-ride shuttles enables a decrease in our production costs, from which we are pleased to make BUSS customers benefit
  • Availability of services 7 days a week, any time of day
  • Personalized customer services to welcome passengers in several languages

Among benefits for the community

  • Pollution reduction
  • Reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Decrease in the number of individual cars circulating in the area, particularly on the Bordeaux motorway ring

Implemented means 

  • Latest-generation vans  equipped with free WIFI and smartphones battery chargers
  • Professional drivers
  • By this summer a state-of-the-art dispatch system will be in use for optimal routes, integrating traffic fluctuation and passengers’ schedules
  • Vehicles geolocalisation providing improved information and greater reactivity

BUSS also offers private transportation services to companies or organizations for their employees, customers or suppliers, as well as private vans to people who live outside the Bordeaux City area.

BUSS information:

Associates :

Catherine ROLIN              00 (0)6 07 74 42 28
Bernard SAINT-ANDRE    00 (0)6 07 09 31 55

Headquarters :

487, av de Verdun 33700 MERIGNAC
Tel : 09 73 10 05 71
Email :
Web site :

SAS with a capital of 7 500 Euros
Registered with the Trade and Company Register of Bordeaux under number798 983 342 RCS Bordeaux
Intra-European  VAT number : FR 13 798 983 342

Transportation  Licence number : 2015/72/0000622


9 am to 7 pm

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