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How and why we created BUSS

Bordeaux Urban Shuttle Services – BUSS is a simplified joint-stock company, founded in December 2013 by Catherine Rolin and Bernard Saint-André, in order to enable passengers heading in the same direction within the Bordeaux area to share vans and thus

Bordeaux Station and Airport, Bordeaux Congress Center and Bordeaux Exhibition Center are a few destinations we serve.

At the origin of the project is the assessment that

  • people tend to  increase their use of collective transportation modes for long distance traveling to or from Bordeaux and at the same time
  • the lack of a collective transportation option in the Bordeaux Area, such as shared-ride shuttles, offering both a flexible and user-friendly service and  professional reliability.

The aim of the Bordeaux company is to offer a transportation option both

  • economical, flexible and comfortable and
  • which contributes to protect the Bordeaux environment through a reduction of individual traffic in the area

in order to offer a new alternative to the existing set of sustainable transportation modes in  Bordeaux and the Aquitaine Region.

BUSS offers :

  • Innovation in people’s transportation in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine Region
  • A shared-ride shuttle service
  • Our ambition is to play a role in the transportation sector on the Bordeaux and Aquitaine territory, where the World Intelligence Transport Congress – ITS, will be held in 2015


9 am to 7 pm

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